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  • Will DBS be taking walk-ins?
    Yes, but we will need to reserve the appointment
  • Will DBS take clients' Temperature?
    No, but if you are not feeling well and showing symptoms please do not come in and just reschedule your appointment
  • What happens if you have to bring your child?
    If the child can sit by himself in the chair, the parent/guardian will have to wait outside. If the child has any disabilities or is too young, only one parent/guardian will be able to stay
  • What form of payments will DBS take?
    We will be taking all forms of payments, cash and credit card
  • Does the client have to wear a face mask?
    Yes, at all times, except when the beard is getting done. If you need a facemask we can provide you with one at no cost
  • Will DBS clean and sanitize throughout the day?
    Yes, we will be cleaning and disinfecting all touch points throughout the shop. Barbers will disinfect their Barber chair after each client. We also have a professional company that comes in and disinfects the whole shop
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